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LAW 7802: Accounting LAW 7001: Administrative Law LAW 5102: Advanced Afghanistan Legal Education Seminar LAW 2401: Advanced Civil Procedure LAW 7064: Advanced Immigration Law Seminar LAW 7809: Advanced Legal Research: Litigation LAW 7853: Advanced Legal Research: Transactional LAW 7827: Advanced Legal Writing for American Practice LAW 7836: Advanced Legal Writing: Appellate Litigation LAW 7815: Advanced Legal Writing: Business Transactions LAW 7850: Advanced Legal Writing: High-Tech Transactions LAW 7816: Advanced Legal Writing: Litigation LAW 7837: Advanced Legal Writing: Public Interest Litigation LAW 7824: Advanced Negotiation: Environmental Policy LAW 7825: Advanced Negotiation: Transactions LAW 5104: Advanced State-Building and Rule of Law Seminar LAW 4017: Advanced Torts: Defamation, Privacy, and Emotional Distress LAW 5101: Afghanistan Legal Education Project (ALEP) Seminar LAW 2409: Anatomy of the Opioid Litigation: A Case Study in Complex Litigation LAW 5805: Animal Law LAW 1001: Antitrust LAW 1003: Bankruptcy LAW 7509: Bayesian Statistics and Econometrics LAW 5810: Behind the Doctrinal Curtain: Law School's Concepts and Themes LAW 1043: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: Law, Economics, Business and Policy LAW 1047: Business, Social Responsibility, and Human Rights LAW 7501: Carrots, Sticks, Norms, and Nudges: Changing Minds and Behaviors LAW 6016: Challenges Facing the Legal Profession LAW 5001: China Law and Business LAW 2520: Climate Law and Policy LAW 2513: Climate: Politics, Finance, and Infrastructure LAW 5042: Comparative Law and Society LAW 5002: Comparative Law LAW 7012: Constitutional Law: Speech and Religion LAW 7010A: Constitutional Law: The Fourteenth Amendment LAW 7010B: Constitutional Law: The Fourteenth Amendment LAW 7005: Constitutional Politics LAW 1007: Contracts: American Law LAW 1009: Corporate Finance I LAW 8001: Corporate Governance and Practice Seminar LAW 1049: Corporate Governance LAW 1068: Corporate Purpose: Beyond Shareholder Value LAW 1012: Corporate Reorganization LAW 1013: Corporations LAW 7017: Creation of the Constitution LAW 2001: Criminal Procedure: Adjudication LAW 2002: Criminal Procedure: Investigation LAW 7016: Critical Race Theory LAW 4046: Data: Privacy, Property and Security LAW 1016: Deals I LAW 1017: Deals II LAW 1018: Derivatives LAW 7018: Disability Law LAW 7502: Economic Analysis of Law LAW 7101: Election 2020 LAW 7846: Elements of Policy Analysis LAW 7510: Empirical Legal Studies: Research Design LAW 7019: Employment Discrimination LAW 2503: Energy Law LAW 1020: Entertainment Law LAW 8002: Environmental Law and Policy Colloquium LAW 2504: Environmental Law and Policy LAW 5005: European Union Law LAW 2402: Evidence LAW 7807: Facilitation for Attorneys LAW 7075: Family Law I: Regulating Marriage and other Intimate Relationships LAW 2403: Federal Courts LAW 7030: Federal Indian Law LAW 1067: FinTech Innovation and the Transformation of Financial Services LAW 4051: Foundations of Internet Speech Platform Regulation LAW 7013: Gender, Law, and Public Policy LAW 1060: Global Business Law – Asia LAW 1066: Global Business Law and Public Policy – Asia Field Study LAW 1063: Global Business Law and Public Policy LAW 2404: Global Litigation LAW 5025: Global Poverty and the Law LAW 4052: Governing Artificial Intelligence: Law, Policy, and Institutions LAW 3003: Health Law: The FDA LAW 7838: History of Civil Rights Law LAW 2020: History of Criminal Justice LAW 3254: How to Ask a Question LAW 7026: Immigration Law LAW 4013: Information Privacy Law LAW 4007: Intellectual Property: Copyright LAW 4018: Intellectual Property: International and Comparative Copyright LAW 4010: Intellectual Property: Patents LAW 4011: Intellectual Property: The Business & Law of Technology & Patent Licensing LAW 5007: International Business Negotiation LAW 5006: International Business Transactions and Litigation LAW 5008: International Commercial Arbitration LAW 5003: International Criminal Law and Its Enforcement LAW 8003: International Economic Law, Business & Policy (IELBP) Colloquium LAW 5010: International Human Rights LAW 5011: International Investment Law LAW 5013: International Law LAW 1022: International Tax LAW 5014: International Trade Law LAW 8021: Introduction to American Law LAW 1036: Introduction to Finance LAW 4005: Introduction to Intellectual Property LAW 5043: Introduction to Islamic Law LAW 7503: Introduction to Law and Economics LAW 3012: Introduction to Law and the Biosciences LAW 7851: Introduction to Legal Research LAW 8031: JSD Research Colloquium LAW 3005: Law and Biosciences Workshop LAW 3505: Law and Culture in American Fiction: Trauma, Resistance, Dissent LAW 7505: Law and Economics of the Death Penalty Seminar LAW 7506: Law and Economics Seminar I LAW 7507: Law and Economics Seminar II LAW 7096: Law and Politics of Bureaucracy LAW 3507: Law and the Rhetorical Tradition LAW 3508: Law and Visual Culture LAW 7036: Law of Democracy LAW 2023: Law, Order & Algorithms LAW 8004: Law, Science, and Technology Colloquium LAW 7028: Lawyers and Leadership LAW 7854: Lawyers as Leaders Intensive Boot Camp LAW 7801: Leadership and Influence Skills for Lawyers LAW 6001: Legal Ethics LAW 6004: Legal Ethics: The Plaintiffs' Lawyer LAW 3522: Legal History: Research Seminar in Legal Biography LAW 5801: Legal Studies Workshop LAW 7051: Local Government Law LAW 4001: Media, Technology, and the First Amendment LAW 7849: Mediation Boot Camp LAW 7819: Mediation LAW 3010: Mental Health Law LAW 1035: Mergers and Acquisitions LAW 4015: Modern Surveillance Law LAW 7820: Moot Court LAW 2506: Natural Resources Law and Policy LAW 7821: Negotiation LAW 7822: Negotiation on the Ground: Discussions at the Intersection of Theory and Practice LAW 7065: One in Five: The Law, Politics, and Policy of Campus Sexual Assault LAW 7099: Optimal Size and Scope of Government LAW 7826: Oral Argument Workshop LAW 4016: Patent Litigation Workshop LAW 7071: Philanthropy and Civil Society LAW 807O: Policy Practicum: Assessing the Impact of China's Global Infrastructure Spending on Climate Change LAW 807U: Policy Practicum: COVID-19 and the Effect of Video Technology on Indigent Defense Services LAW 807T: Policy Practicum: Creating a National Census on Women Imprisoned for Killing their Abusers LAW 807W: Policy Practicum: Developing Best Practices for Clean Water Act Enforcement LAW 807V: Policy Practicum: Election Protection in the Time of COVID LAW 807R: Policy Practicum: Human Rights & International Justice LAW 807S: Policy Practicum: Innovating Privacy Protection: Tools and Strategies for California Cities LAW 807X: Policy Practicum: Selective De-Policing: Operationalizing Concrete Reforms LAW 807K: Policy Practicum: The Outlaw Ocean LAW 1045: Prediction and Complexity in Corporate and Securities Litigation LAW 7508: Problem Solving and Decision Making for Public Policy and Social Change LAW 8022: Professional Responsibility LAW 2027: Prosecutorial Discretion and Ethical Duties in the Enforcement of Federal Criminal Law LAW 7032: Public Interest Law and Practice LAW 1059: Race, Class and Tax LAW 7076: Race, Disadvantage, and Elite Education: The Allocation of Opportunity LAW 1034: Real Estate Transactions LAW 7100: Reconstruction: Adding the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments LAW 4039: Regulating Artificial Intelligence LAW 918A: Religious Liberty Clinic LAW 7038: Remedies LAW 406: Research Track LAW 1027: Securities Regulation: Capital Formation from Start-Up to IPO and Beyond LAW 7511: Sociology of Law LAW 7833: Spanish for Lawyers LAW 8011: SPILS Law and Society Seminar LAW 8013: SPILS Research Methods Workshop LAW 5103: State-Building and the Rule of Law Seminar LAW 7512: Statistical Inference in Law LAW 7041: Statutory Interpretation LAW 7044: Supreme Court Simulation Seminar LAW 1028: Tax Policy LAW 1029: Taxation I LAW 6005: Technological, Economic and Business Forces Transforming the Private Practice of Law LAW 6003: The American Legal Profession LAW 5019: The Law of War LAW 5023: The Rule of Law – The Foundation of Functional Communities LAW 7008: The White Supremacist Constitution: American Constitutional History LAW 2008: Three Strikes Project: Criminal Justice Reform & Individual Representation LAW 7830: Topics in American Legal Practice LAW 7086: Transitional Justice LAW 7828: Trial Advocacy Workshop LAW 1033: Trusts and Estates LAW 3504: U.S. Legal History LAW 1040: Venture Capital LAW 4029: Video Game Law LAW 2009: White Collar Crime LAW 3511: Writing Workshop: Law and Creativity LAW 902: Advanced Community Law Clinic LAW 904: Advanced Criminal Defense Clinic LAW 908: Advanced Environmental Law Clinic LAW 910: Advanced Immigrants' Rights Clinic LAW 914: Advanced Juelsgaard Intellectual Property and Innovation Clinic LAW 918: Advanced Religious Liberty Clinic LAW 920: Advanced Supreme Court Litigation Clinic LAW 922: Advanced Youth and Education Advocacy Clinic LAW 902A: Community Law Clinic LAW 904A: Criminal Defense Clinic LAW 906A: Criminal Prosecution Clinic LAW 908A: Environmental Law Clinic LAW 910A: Immigrants' Rights Clinic LAW 914A: Juelsgaard Intellectual Property and Innovation Clinic LAW 916A: Organizations and Transactions Clinic LAW 920A: Supreme Court Litigation Clinic LAW 922A: Youth and Education Law Project LAW 4049: Hack Lab

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